Mid-June Musings: National Freelancers Day

Sharing the love on this day for the self-employed!

Today (June 18) is National Freelancers Day. So I wanted to mark it with another mid-month newsletter.

National Freelancers Day is such a great event – I went last year for the first time and it was one of those ‘wow’ moments where I realised (perhaps a little naively, but you might relate) that there were SO many other freelancers outside of my own industry.

Thing is, the media can be quite closed off, as an industry. There’s fewer contact sharing, less collaborating. We journalists often operating in a bubble of anguish and fear as work can be really competitive. Then I met loads of freelancers from other industries who opened my eyes to the idea of collaborating and sharing. Quite the day!

I proudly told everyone that day that I had launched Freelance Feels – one year ago today. So yep, one cacti mama writing this. I’ve made some cacti-shaped gingerbread biscuits which I can’t share in person, but you can see on my Instagram. Safe to say I won’t be giving up the day job to start a business decorating biscuits!

A bit of content from me for National Freelancers Day…

I wrote for the Telegraph (I know, get me, ooohhhh etc) about freelancing, with quotes from the ever-brilliant Ed Goodman and Steve Folland. Read it here.

The future as a freelancer is positive in many ways. I say that because while there are lots of unknowns, we can diversify and choose new routes, new angles for our work and for that I feel lucky. If we were in staff roles we might have to face redundancy or still be on furlough. A silver lining of freelance life right now is that we can pivot, look at new ways to build our business or take things sideways.

And the lovely ladies at Audrey Online, who I met on their webinar, let me loose on this piece this week...  It’s a tongue in cheek look at things you should avoid as a freelancer – like expensive biscuits or putting off your tax return.

The Freelance Feels podcast with IPSE and Freelance Corner

I interviewed Jess Hayden, from Freelance Corner and IPSE, for the podcast and the episode has gone live today. We discussed the world of online networking and socialising – she told me about virtual co-working, which I’d never heard of! Apparently, you work ‘together’, using Zoom or similar, and then take breaks ‘together’. Check out more pieces including one on that at Freelance Corner.

She also explained how freelancing can be like student life (resonated for me!) and the importance of self-care when you’re freelance.

Listen to the episode and others on Spotify and Apple Podcasts (and please do review if you like it!)

Shout outs to other freelancers today

But as I learned last year it’s not just about blowing your own trumpet. So I want to mark National Freelancers Day with some shout outs to other freelancers in the spirit of the day, now I’ve shared some of my own bits and bobs. And a thank you – to anyone who has supported me through the past year, sent a message saying they like Freelance Feels or shared on social. I appreciate it!

Here are some others who are doing great things in the freelance world:

Sarah Townsend today launches her book Survival Skills for Freelancers. It’s such a great read and I know Sarah has worked really hard on it, so massive congrats!

Fiona Thomas has published her book Out of Office: Ditch the 9-5 and be your own boss which looks like a great one for those considering a freelance life.

Third on the books front is Sue Belton, a coach who I’ve interviewed for the podcast and has a new book ‘Change your life in 5’ which is ideal in the current ‘ARGH WHAT NOW?’ climate!

For some networking inspo, I’m joining an online chat or two with The Freelancer Sessions – follow on insta for updates.

Congrats to award-winning Natalie Trice, AKA The Good Enough Coach, who has been named ‘Most influential woman in PR coaching’ this week. Natalie spent an hour chatting to me about her life as a coach which was invaluable!

A shout out to a specific bunch of ladies – my co-admins on the No1 Freelance Media Women Facebook group. I set this up with another freelancer about 12 years ago now and it’s grown a lot during lockdown. We’re nearly at 6,000 members. If you work in media, journalist, writer, designer, PR, photographer… then do request to join (there are four questions including a button to click for the rules).

Podcast of the (mid)month – Freelancing For Journalists.

While this is called ‘For Journalists’ I’d say the topics are for all freelancers. They cover things like networking, pivoting and branding. I’m hopefully going to be a guest with them soon. Well worth a listen as it’s run by very experienced journos who’ll give you more insight into our world, too.

I hope you enjoy National Freelancers Day, and that I might see you there in person next year. In the meantime, come find me on Instagram (button below) and I’ll see you for the July newsletter where I’ll be exploring the themes of time off, holidays (yeah, right, this year?!) and taking a break. If you like the newsletter, please do share and encourage others to subscribe.

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